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Design4X Releases Online Course on Mistake-Proofing

Oakland, CA - January 21, 2004 - Continuing it's development of online courses for design and manufacturing engineers, Design4X, Inc. out of Oakland, CA has released its latest course, "Reducing Defects Through Mistake-Proofing Your Design." The course is taught by Dr. Martin Hinckley, formerly of Sandia National Labs and a global consultant on mistake-proofing.

Dr. Hinckley received his PhD from Stanford University in mechanical engineering and has focused his research on methods to reduce the number of mistakes in design and manufacturing operations. With studies showing that over 80% of defects are caused by mistakes, as opposed to process variation, methods beyond statistical process control must be used to reduce defects.

"Reducing Defects Through Mistake-Proofing Your Design" is such a method. The seven-step process taught in the course has been developed and refined over many years and uses a database of mistake-proofing principles, example projects, and lists of mistake-proofing devices and suppliers to help you reduce defects.

Design4X courses offer all the advantages of online education, such as anytime, anywhere access. This allows you to learn the subject at your own pace without having to take a whole day out of your schedule. It also allows you to go back and review topics you want to learn more about, and to skip over the topics you are already familiar with. Finally, it offers you free previews and a money-back guarantee, which are generally not given at live seminars.

Here's what has been said about previous courses released by Design4X:

Customer-Focused Design Using QFD
"Excellent course. Will not hesitate in recommending it to others."
(Design for Six Sigma expert, Lear Corporation)

"I think this is the best time that I've spent on the web in months. It was a very well made, informative few hours."
(Master Black Belt, Fortune 10 company)

How Everyday Things Are Made
"I have just visited the website after reading about it in the New York Times. I’ve only watched one segment (glass bottles) and had to immediately let you know that the website is ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING, in concept, content, organization and presentation."

To see previews of the courses and information about Design4X, visit http://design4X.com or contact Dr. Mark Martin, President of Design4X, Inc. at mark.martin@design4X.com, telephone 650.248.7728.

Benefits of Online Education:

Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone: Students can take online courses anytime, anywhere and at their own pace. No more blocking out a full day for a seminar and traveling to and from the workshop. Design4X courses give the equivalent of a one-day seminar in a much more compressed time frame (2.5 hours - 4 hours depending on your experience with the topic). Combine this with the ability to view the course in small "chunks" and you've greatly expanded the number of team members who can participate in the training.

More Time to Learn: Online courses can be started and stopped at any time. This allows students to absorb course content over a longer period – giving them the opportunity to better master the material and apply it. In addition, students can review any part of a course at their convenience.

Train Widely & Quickly: Since geographic and time barriers are removed, learning is no longer exclusive to the few people who can travel to a workshop. Learning can occur quickly throughout organizations, accelerating the transfer of knowledge and creating a powerful tool for organizational change within the company.

Reduce Costs: Lower course costs, as well as reduced travel dollars is a major benefit to online learning. Also, learners can improve productivity and use their time more efficiently as they no longer need to travel to attend.

Strengthen Traditional Classroom Learning: E-learning does not have to replace instructor-led learning. Instead it can provide a powerful supplement that maximizes the classroom experience. For example, one of the most frustrating aspects of classroom training is the differing skill and expertise levels among learners. A pre-course e-learning supplement can cover the basics, providing a common base of knowledge and reserving instructor time for higher-level, interactive activities.


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